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The Twelve Steps (pdf format)

These are the actions we take in order to fulfill our desire to live a safe lifestyle.  In learning them, working them, and beginning to live them, we move toward getting in touch with our true voice within, thereby finding our purpose and direction. 

The Twelve Traditions (pdf format)

These are the traditions which ensure the continuance of our meetings. 

While the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Medication-Assisted Recovery Anonymous ® were inspired by A.A.'s Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions; they are not an adaptation rather they were created specifically for this organization and should not be construed otherwise. A.A. is a program concerned only with the recovery of alcoholism and is not in any way affiliated with this fellowship.

Information on Hosting a Meeting

We are excited that you want to start a meeting in your area!  We recommend attending a few of the online MARA meetings prior to starting your own.  Please contact us with any questions about in-person, online, or hybrid meetings!  Click this link to find recommendations for getting your meeting together.


MARA now has a book available for purchase through here!

Crisis and Helplines

MARA exists to help people live a safe lifestyle.  If you need help, we hope that you reach out to one of these resources below.  These were recommended by the online hosts of our community.

Traditions & Steps: What We Do
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